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Birl Cuts

Birly Hair Styles & Cuts

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Ideas for Birly Cuts and Show off your Birly Styles
Here's the place to boast or moan about your new (or old) hair style. Post your do-ups or your hair let-downs! Swap style ideas!

Please use tags This will help in your search for the ultimate best 'do.
Posts: Please put the following in your post when putting up your hair pics:

Where and you got it cut/styled/colored by: example; The Zombies at 118 and Park
How much it was: example; The Zombies cut my hair (and head) off for free!
What kind of product you use: example; Axle Grease, tree sap, pommade etc.



2)No meanies! You will be cut!

3)Keep LARGE pics under a cut. If you get a request to put it under an LJ CUT then do so, you'll get 1 warning from myself and if nothing gets done it gets taken down.

4)Share share share! I love seeing different styles so post them up!

Thank you!

your mod: elle_powerlifts
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