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leolapyre in birl_cuts

Looking for ideas

I got a masculine haircut I really liked in June and haven't cut my hair since then due to my own fears about how I'll be perceived at my new job at a school (I'm not "out" by any means). My hair is starting to get annoying and shaggy and I'd like a haircut of some kind to keep things a little bit more orderly. I'm looking for a not-as-masculine, androgynous, hairstyle - maybe something with the sides and back cut short but the front (bangs, I guess) kind of longer and able to be swept to the side if needed. Anyone have pics of anything remotely like this? Or any totally different suggestions based on my pics (below)? Any help is appreciated :)

After I got a haircut I liked in June:

Before my impending haircut:


Zach Quinto
there's the haircut where you could have a a grown-out hawk kind of style... so you still have some bangs/hair in the front and a tail at the back and the sides are shorter.

with the haircuts that i give myself, i sometimes put steps onto the sides.

you could keep your hair this way now, maybe thin it a little bit (i don't know what type of hair your hair is) and then get the front of your hair cut into a sideswept bang or like the picture posted above.