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glimmer_2 in birl_cuts

So I'm at that time of year again (meaning it's time for a haircut) where I want to cut my hair (it's gotten longer then I want) and I'm trying to decide if I:

A) Want to wait till I have money and go to a salon.
B) Use the clippers myself.
C) Get my mom to use the clippers on me.

I don't want to go as short as the last time I got her to do it - we used the shortest guard, and the second shortest guard the clippers have, but at the same time I do want it quite short, but still be able to style it.

(These pictures are a little old, my mom cut my hair [blonde] at Christmas, and I haven't gotten my hair cut again since then)
I don't want it this short again...

But more around this length, or a little longer... since then I can some times get by without brushing it in the morning... LOL

I dunno, what do you think?

Should I just use the clippers on it? Or do you have a better idea for a haircut?

Let me know!

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if you still want it short, use an 8 guard on the clippers. it'll get it to about the length of the second picture, perhaps give or take a little. in the blond pic, you look like you used maybe a four? If you don't actually OWN clipper guards that long, any beauty supply store should have them. :D
No no, I own them. I think I'm going to cut it tomorrow, I'll have to check and see what the guards I have say - I have 5 or 6 of them.
-nodnod- The one I bought came with eight, which I think range from 1/16" to 1", the smaller ones are the lower numbers(obviously. took me a long time to figure that out though, since some brands just put the inches, not the numbers D: )

good luck!
Most clippers also have a lever on the side that can raise and lower the blade closer or further away from the guard. This makes it easier to taper one length into the other so one doesn't get that funky "rim" look around the head. Just a lil tip if you're gonna be using the clips.
....we did the "rim" on purpose last time. It didn't go around my head, but instead down the back, in a kind of extremely short mohawk.